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How to reach the BP Benefits Center for the help you need
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BP Benefits Center Online

You can:

  • Change or reset your BP Benefits Center password;
  • View your health plan coverage details;*
  • Find out which network health care providers are located near your home or work;
  • Enroll in BP health and protection benefits during annual enrollment;
  • Review and/or request a change in your current coverage based on certain qualifying status changes;
  • Change most dependent information, including name, birth date and relationship;
  • Designate a beneficiary for your Basic Life/OAD benefit;
  • Connect to BP Advocacy Service; and
  • Provide employment and income verification to mortgage lenders, etc.

* Available only online.

To access the BP Benefits Center online, go to http://www.bp.com/lifebenefits.

By Phone

  • Within the U.S.: 1-800-890-4100.
  • Outside the U.S.: +1-312-843-5290.

In addition to the online functions, you can speak to a Representative to:

  • Get answers to your questions about BP’s benefits and policies and programs;
  • Change information about you that is on file;
  • Change all dependent information, including Social Security number or Medicare-eligibility status;
  • Make changes to your current benefits due to qualifying status changes or relocation; and
  • Receive answers to questions about BP wellness programs, StayWell (BP's wellness partner) and points earned in relation to eligibility for the HealthPlus PPO/OOA options. 

Representatives are available Monday – Friday, 7:00 A.M. – 7:00 P.M., Central time.

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You'll need to log on to the BP Benefits Center online
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