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Morningstar Tools

To help you reach your financial goals, BP offers free access to an investment education program through Morningstar, Inc., a leading provider of investment information.

The Morningstar Investing Classroom offers a wide variety of short online classes ranging from the basics to advanced topics, to help you become a more confident investor.

  • Learn about different investment types including stocks and mutual funds.
  • Advanced topics include analyzing risk and return and how to build a portfolio.

The information above was prepared exclusively by Morningstar. BP is not responsible for its content. This material is provided solely as a convenience to you and does not constitute an endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation by BP or its affiliates. BP makes no representations regarding the content, suitability or appropriateness of the materials for your particular circumstances.

Fidelity's enhanced Investment Performance & Research page

As part of BP's continued commitment to help you become a more informed investor, BP introduced Fidelity's enhanced Investment Performance & Research page, which provides a full listing of funds available in the BP Savings Plan, with annualized and cumulative returns, daily quotes, basic fees and restrictions.

Benchmark data, personal returns, and filtering and comparison capabilities make it easier to evaluate and monitor the investment options available to you.

Looking for the BP Savings Plan Investment Option Profiles?

We have replaced the previous Morningstar Fund Profiles with Fidelity's Investment Performance & Research's online factsheets, which provide access to additional investment detail and bring key data to the forefront — including fund fact sheets and easy-to-understand charts and graphs.

Access the Investment Performance & Research page from the NetBenefits® home page (click Quick Links and select "Investment Performance & Research") or from the Summary or Plan Information view (click Investment Performance and Research under the View menu on the left side of the screen).

Click here to learn more.

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