Eligibility and participation

Learn about the eligibility rules governing the Retirement Accumulation Plan
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Who is eligible

In general, you are eligible to participate in the BP Retirement Accumulation Plan (RAP) if you are an employee of a participating employer (and on a U.S. Dollar payroll).

A participating employer is an employer whose employees are eligible to participate in a BP benefits plan. The participating employers are:

  • BP America Production Company
  • BP Amoco Chemical Company
  • BP Corporation North America Inc.
  • BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.
  • BP Lubricants USA Inc.
  • BP Pipelines (North America) Inc.
  • BP Products North America Inc.
  • BP Wind Energy North America Inc.
  • Castrol Industrial North America Inc.
  • Dome Petroleum Corporation


Publication date: June 2018


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