Service and retirement awards

Recognizing employee contributions and milestones through service and retirement awards
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Updated: January 2019

BP is proud of the hard work and dedication of its employees. Acknowledging your overall contributions to BP's success and taking notice of the milestones in your BP career is just one of the many ways the company has of showing its appreciation of you and the work you do.

The Service and Retirement Award Program is administered by Michael C. Fina (follow link below to Gifts online).

When entering the site use BP's company code: 2327.

1. Who's Eligible:

Service Awards

Full-time and part-time employees are eligible for a service award once they have completed five years of credited service and every five years thereafter. Employees on Long-Term Disability leave of absences are not eligible.

Retirement Awards

Full-time and part-time employees are eligible for a retirement award if they are at least age 50 with at least 10 years of company credited service, or at least age 55 with at least 5 years of company credited service.

2. How the Program Works:

Service Awards

Beginning with your fifth year of credited service and at five-year intervals thereafter, you will receive an award brochure in the month prior to your upcoming service anniversary. Follow the instructions provided.

Retirement Awards

When you decide to end your employment with BP, you must notify your supervisor or manager and your human resources advisor. If you are eligible for a retirement award, your award brochure will be mailed to your home address after your employment ends. Follow the instructions provided.

3. Ordering of Awards

While it is expected you will select your award as soon as you receive the award brochure, award orders must be placed within three (3) months of your respective anniversary or retirement date. If you do not order during this three (3) month period, a pre-selected default gift (a clock) will be mailed to you. Within ninety (90) days of receipt of the clock, you may return and exchange the default clock for a different gift commensurate with your level of service or retirement gift category. After the ninety (90) days you may only return the default clock for a same or similar item if the pre-selected clock is defective.

If you have received your package and have questions regarding the ordering process, contact Michael C. Fina at 1-800-573-7743 or send an email to

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