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Employment Verification

The Work Number®, a service of TALX Corporation, provides employment verification services for BP. If you are working with a third party such as a mortgage lender that needs to confirm your employment and/or salary, you can provide them with the contact information they need. You control who has access to your information.

The information provided is limited to your most recent hire date with BP, the date your employment with BP terminated, your most recent job title and, if you have authorized it, your most recent salary.

How the Verification of Employment Process Works

A verifier can obtain employment and current salary information if you provide the following information:

  • BP's company code: 10772
  • Your Social Security number
  • An authorization code called a Salary Key — if salary information is being requested. A verifier cannot obtain salary information without a Salary Key.

The verifier can contact The Work Number® via telephone (1-800-367-5690) or through its website at:

Obtaining a Salary Key

You may obtain a six-digit Salary Key by:

  • Accessing the online BP Benefits Center. Log on to the site and select the link for The Work Number®. Follow the steps to obtain a Salary Key that will authorize access to your income information; or
  • Call the LifeBenefits Network at 1-800-890-4100 and select Employment Verification. Enter your password and follow instructions.

The Salary Key is valid for a single use only and it will expire after six months if it is not used. You may request up to three Salary Keys at any one time.

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