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How to access PwC's financial education and assessment services

PricewaterhouseCoopers financial education and assessment services

Because your financial health is an integral part of your total wellbeing, bp has teamed with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) since April 1, 2012, to make financial education part of our comprehensive wellbeing program.

Our financial wellbeing program includes online and telephone financial education.

  • The PwC Financial WellnessTM mobile-enabled web application (formerly PwC EnvisionTM) gives you access to personalized content based on what's important to you. Use it on your phone, tablet or computer. You'll find tools to help you set goals and track your progress in areas like retirement planning, spending, savings, and managing debt, plus you'll have easy access to PwC financial counselors for support. If it's your first time accessing PwC Financial WellnessTM, you'll be asked to complete a quick survey to customize the site for you.
   To access PwC Financial WellnessTM, either go to the StayWell portal and select Financial Wellbeing from My Points, or log
   onto LifeBenefits, then Quick Links, PwC – financial wellbeing.
  • PwC CounseLineTM – Get free, confidential guidance from a PwC financial counselor or help accessing PwC Financial WellnessTM by calling 1-866-237-6165 (or +00 1 617 203 8784 outside the U.S.) Monday through Friday from 8 am to 7 pm Central Time. There is never a sales pitch — PwC doesn't sell or endorse financial products; the information provided is intended to help you make educated financial decisions.
Visit the Financial wellbeing page for more information.
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