StayWell Helpline

You can contact the StayWell helpline at 1-888-343-9862
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StayWell Helpline

By calling the StayWell Helpline you can receive assistance with questions about StayWell including the topics listed below:

  • Health questionnaire assistance, results, interpretation and completion.
  • Request a paper version of the health questionnaire or results booklet.
  • Complete your health advisor call.
  • LifeStyle Management phone and mail programs — questions, registration, participation and/or completion.
  • Incentive questions related to StayWell programs.
  • Assistance with online tools and resources from StayWell.
  • Healthy living program assistance.
  • Points bank questions (points earned, points synced etc.).

By Phone

Within the U.S.: 1-888-343-9862

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