Eligibility and participation

Learn about the eligibility rules governing the BP Employee Savings Plan
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Who is eligible

In general, you are eligible to participate in the plan if you are an employee of a participating employer (and on a U.S. Dollar payroll).

A participating employer is an employer whose employees are eligible to participate in a bp benefits plan. The participating employers are:

  • BP America Production Company
  • BP Corporation North America Inc.
  • BP Lubricants USA Inc.
  • BP Pipelines (North America) Inc.
  • BP Products North America Inc.
  • BP Wind Energy North America Inc.

You are eligible to enroll in the plan on your first day of employment or as soon as administratively possible if you meet the above requirements and are not excluded in one of the categories outlined in Who is not eligible.

If hired or rehired on or after January 1, 2011, you will automatically contribute to the savings plan unless you specifically choose not to. If you do not change your contribution election, you will be automatically enrolled as soon as administratively possible in the savings plan starting with your first paycheck on or after your 30th day of employment. A before-tax deduction of 7% of your eligible pay will be automatically contributed to your savings plan account each pay period.

The Plan Administrator has the discretion to determine that certain classifications of employees are not subject to automatic enrollment.


Publication date: September 2021


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