BP Medical Program

BP's Medical Program offers employees a variety of options to meet their health care and maintenance needs
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Copays waived for COVID-19 testing

bp is committed to providing you with timely access to medical care. Effective immediately:

• All out-of-pocket costs relating to testing for COVID-19 are waived.
• COVID-19 vaccinations are 100% covered both in and out of network for those
   enrolled in the BP Medical Plan.

These waivers apply to employees enrolled in the Standard, HealthPlus and Health+Savings options of the BP Medical Plan. HMO eligibility may vary.

BP provides employees and their families the opportunity to purchase quality health care at affordable rates. The BP Medical Program offers a variety of health care options from which to choose, including options under the BP Medical Plan and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs).

The BP Medical Program also includes the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). You do not have to enroll in a BP medical option to be eligible for EAP services. You and any member of your household are automatically covered in the EAP. The EAP, also known as “BP Care, Your Employee Assistance and Work Life Program,” is designed to help you manage issues that may have a negative effect on your work or personal life and is provided at no cost. For immediate EAP assistance, call 1-800-409-3687. This service is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

Throughout this summary there are references to the BP Medical Program and the BP Medical Plan.

  • The Medical Program refers to all BP medical options, including the HMO options but excluding the BP Corporation North America Inc. Retiree Medical Plan (“the BP Retiree Medical Plan”).
  • The Medical Plan (“the plan”) refers to all BP medical options except the HMO options and the BP Retiree Medical Plan.

Throughout this summary, “you” generally refers to:

  • You (the eligible employee) when describing elections (e.g., how to enroll, how to change coverage).
  • You or any eligible dependent when describing the provisions of the plan (e.g., eligible and ineligible expenses).
Because this document is intended as a summary of a BP benefits plan, it is not intended to describe each plan provision in full detail. More complete details are contained in the governing plan documents (including applicable insurance policies). While we intend to update this summary on a regular basis, it is possible that at any point this summary may be neither current nor complete. Further, differences between this summary and the applicable plan document are not intended. If, however, any differences are found to exist, the relevant provisions of the applicable plan document — and not the summary — will govern. Note: The BP Retiree Medical Plan is an entirely separate plan of benefits with a different summary plan description.

BP reserves the right to amend or terminate a plan at any time without advance notice.


Publication date: April 2021


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