Alternatives to physician office visits

Walk-in clinic visits

Covered expenses include charges made by walk-in clinics for:
  • Unscheduled, non-emergency illnesses and injuries;
  • The administration of certain immunizations administered within the scope of the clinic’s license; and
  • Individual screening and counseling services to aid you:
    • to stop the use of tobacco products;
    • in weight reduction due to obesity;
    • in stress management. The stress management counseling sessions will help you to identify the life events which cause you stress (the physical and mental strain on your body.) The counseling sessions will teach you techniques and changes in behavior to reduce the stress.
Unless specified above, not covered under this benefit are charges incurred for services and supplies furnished:
  • In a group setting for screening and counseling services.
Important Notes:
  • Deductibles, copays and/or coinsurance will apply where applicable.  Refer to the applicable summary chart for more information.
  • Not all services are available at all walk-in clinics. The types of services offered will vary by the provider and location of the clinic.
  • For a complete description of the screening and counseling services provided on the use of tobacco products and to aid in weight reduction due to obesity, refer to the Preventive care and Expenses covered under the BP Medical Plan sections in this SPD for a description of these services. These services may also be obtained from your physician.

Walk-in clinic

Walk-in clinics are free-standing health care facilities. They are an alternative to a physician’s office visit for treatment of:

  • Unscheduled, non-emergency illnesses and injuries;
  • The administration of certain immunizations; and
  • Individual screening and counseling services.
 It is not an alternative for emergency room services or the ongoing care provided by a physician.
  • An emergency room; nor
  • The outpatient department of a hospital;
shall be considered a walk-in clinic.

Publication date: April 2021


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