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Find out more about what vision care is covered and what is not
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The BP Vision Plan covers a wide variety of eye-care services and supplies. The amount you pay depends on whether you go to a network provider or an out-of-network provider.

Expenses covered under the BP Vision Plan

The Vision Plan helps you pay for a wide range of eye-care services and supplies, including:

  • Eye exams — once every plan year.
  • Lenses and frames.
    • Single-vision and multi-focal lenses — which may be glass or plastic (or polycarbonate if from an out-of-network provider) — are available once every plan year.
    • Frames are available once every other plan year for adults and once every plan year for dependent children. If you select a frame or lens that is not fully covered, you will pay more than the set copay with network providers. You also should expect to incur additional out-of-pocket costs for certain cosmetic options. The average savings on non-covered lens options is 20% to 25%.
  • Contact lenses — once every plan year, instead of lenses and frames.
  • Laser correction surgery discounts.

Expenses not covered under the BP Vision Plan

While the Vision Plan provides benefits for many eye-care services and supplies, some are not covered. These exclusions include:

  • Any eye exam or any corrective eyewear required by an employer as a condition of employment.
  • Any frame that exceeds the plan allowance.
  • Blended, oversized, coated or laminated lenses.
  • Certain services or supplies for low-vision care.
  • Corrective vision services, treatments and materials of an experimental nature.
  • Cosmetic lenses or optional cosmetic processes.
  • Medical or surgical treatment of the eyes.
  • Orthoptics or vision training and any related supplemental testing.
  • Photochromic or tinted lenses other than Pink 1 or 2.
  • Plano (non-prescription) lenses.
  • Replacement of lost or broken lenses or frames provided under the Vision Plan.
  • Telephone, internet, digital, video, interactive audio/video or any other electronic consultation which takes place in lieu of in-person, direct patient contact, with the exception of covered charges rendered by a physician(s) specifically contracted by the plan or the claims administrator with regard to telephone, internet, digital, video, interactive audio/video or other electronic based services.
  • Two pairs of single-vision eyeglasses instead of bifocals.
  • Ultraviolet-protected lenses.

In some cases, when you purchase any of the services or materials listed above, you will be responsible only for the additional charge that exceeds the plan allowance. You may be eligible for a discount on any of the services or materials purchased from a network provider. Savings average 20% to 25% off non-covered lens options.


Publication date: April 2019


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