How the BP Vision Plan works

Important information about how the vision plan works

The BP Vision Plan gives you a choice when it comes to getting eye care. You can go to:
  • Any network provider — that is, any licensed eye care professional whom VSP has designated as part of its network — and receive a higher level of benefit for a covered expense.
  • Any out-of-network provider — that is, any licensed eye care professional whom VSP has not designated as part of its network — and receive a lower level of benefit.

Vision Plan at-a-glance

The Vision Plan pays the following benefits per plan year (the plan year runs from April 1 to March 31):

Network provider
Out-of-network provider
Eye exam (once every plan year)
Reimbursed up to $45
Lenses* (once every plan year)

  • Single-Vision
  • Lined Bifocal
  • Lined Trifocal
  • Lenticular
Frames** (adults: once every other plan year; dependent children: once every plan year)
  • 100% after $30 copay for
    lenses and/or frames
  • 20% to 25% discount on non-covered lens options
  • 100% up to $200 allowance
  • 20% off amount over your allowance
Reimbursed after $30 copay for lenses and/or frames:
  • Up to $30
  • Up to $50
  • Up to $65
  • Up to $100
Up to $70
Contact lenses (once every plan year)
  • Medically Necessary
    (when certain benefit criteria are met,
    subject to doctor’s approval)***
  • Elective
  • 100% after $30 copay
  • 100% up to $160****

  • Reimbursed up to $210,
    after $30 copay
  • Reimbursed up to $160
Laser correction surgery discounts
VSP has arranged for members to receive PRK, LASIK and Custom LASIK surgery at a discounted fee. Discounts vary by location, but average 15% off of the contracted laser center’s usual and customary price. Additionally, if the participating laser center is offering a temporary price reduction, VSP members will receive 5% off of the promotional price. The maximum fee is:
  • $1,500 per eye for PRK.
  • $1,800 per eye for LASIK.
  • $2,300 per eye for Custom LASIK.
The laser vision surgery discount is not available if you go to an out-of-network provider.

* Lenses may be glass or plastic.
** If you choose a frame valued at more than the plan’s allowance, the difference you pay is based on VSP’s preferred member pricing. VSP offers valuable savings, including a 20% discount on non-covered pairs of prescription glasses (lenses and frames) and sunglasses. Services are available from any VSP provider within 12 months of your last eye exam.
*** Medically necessary contact lenses are covered in full when VSP benefit criteria is met and verified by a VSP network doctor for eye conditions that would prohibit the use of glasses. The conditions covered include aphakia, anisometropia, high ametropia, nystagmus, keratoconus and other eye conditions that make contact lenses necessary.
**** You receive a 15% discount on contact lens professional services before the maximum allowance is applied. No copay applies. This benefit is instead of the lenses and frames benefit.


Publication date: April 2019


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