Eligible/ineligible expenses

STD benefits will not be paid for any illness or injury resulting from:

  • Working for another employer or yourself.
  • Willful intent to hurt yourself or another person.
  • Commission of a crime.
  • Your intoxication or improper use of drugs (excluding any period during which you are participating in an approved rehabilitation program for substance abuse).
  • Participation in an act of war or a riot, unless you are an innocent bystander.
In addition, you will not be eligible to receive STD benefits while you are on:
  • Vacation.
  • A leave of absence other than a family medical leave.
  • Suspension.
  • Layoff.

Extended work-related STD benefits

You will not be eligible to receive extended work-related STD benefits if you are not approved for LTD benefits by the date your non-extended STD benefits expire. Extended work-related STD benefits will end as of the earliest date:

  • You reach the maximum benefit allowed under the plan (24 months).
  • You fail to provide the LTD claims administrator with any required ongoing documentation.
  • You fail to submit to any required medical examination(s) after you have been approved for LTD benefits.
  • You are determined not to be disabled for LTD benefit purposes.
  • Your injury or illness has been determined not to be work related.
  • A workers’ compensation settlement has been reached.
  • Your bp employment ends.
If you work in New York, New Jersey or Hawaii, you are covered by a statutory short-term disability plan insured by Cigna Group Insurance. In order to receive your statutory benefits, you must call Cigna as soon as you know you will be away from work for more than seven days in a row. bp reserves the right to terminate your STD benefits if you work in New York, New Jersey or Hawaii and do not apply for statutory benefits within 30 days. 

If you are ill or injured on the last workday in December and your absence carries over into a new calendar year, you will continue to be paid from the remaining prior year's 26-week allowance. You must return to active work duty before you are eligible for another 26 weeks of benefits. 

If you qualify for Family Medical Leave for your personal injury or illness, your leave will run concurrently with your receipt of STD benefits.

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