Occupational Accidental Death (OAD) plan

OAD protects you from the loss of income in the event of death or injury
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The BP Occupational Accidental Death (OAD) Plan is designed to provide financial protection against the loss of your income if you are injured or die as the result of an accident while at work or while you are traveling on company business. bp pays the full cost of this coverage.

The OAD Plan is insured and administered by MetLife.

OAD coverage is provided in addition to coverage provided under the Basic Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance Plan and the Group Universal Life (GUL) Insurance Program. 

Because this document is intended as a summary of a bp benefits plan, it is not intended to describe each plan provision in full detail. More complete details are contained in the governing plan documents (including applicable insurance policies). While we intend to update this summary on a regular basis, it is possible that at any point this summary may be neither current nor complete. Further, differences between this summary and the applicable plan document are not intended. If, however, any differences are found to exist, the relevant provisions of the applicable plan document — and not the summary — will govern.

bp reserves the right to amend or terminate a plan at any time without advance notice.


Publication date: April 2018


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