Eligibility and participation

Learn about the eligibility rules governing the OAD Plan
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Who is eligible

You are eligible if you are an employee of a participating employer.

Who is not eligible

Regardless of your employee classification, you are not eligible to participate in the BP Occupational Accidental Death (OAD) plan if you are:

  • A member of a collective bargaining unit (union), unless your collective bargaining agreement provides that you are eligible to participate.
  • Not classified as an employee on a participating employer’s payroll, even if reclassified as a common-law employee by any third party.
  • An Inpat (foreign resident working in the U.S.).
  • An employee on an unpaid leave of absence which has not been approved by bp.
Note: If you are an employee of BP Products North America Inc. employed in Global Business Services (GBS) Americas, you are eligible for the OAD Plan; however, your benefits are described in a separate Summary Plan Description.

An employee’s classification in bp’s payroll records controls eligibility regardless of whether the individual is later reclassified. An employee’s classification is determined at the time of hire. If later changed, the new classification will only apply prospectively, regardless of the actual hours worked under the initial classification.


Publication date: April 2018


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