How the plan works

Important information about the OAD Plan

The OAD Plan pays your beneficiary a benefit of three times your base pay if you die as the result of injuries you suffer in an accident that takes place at your work site or while you are traveling on company business. The minimum benefit is $500,000 and the maximum benefit is $1.5 million.

Note: Effective April 1, 2012, the calculation for OAD coverage changed from three times eligible pay to three times base pay. Your coverage amount was not reduced if your new benefit calculation using base pay was less than your previous calculation using eligible pay.

If you suffer a covered loss, the OAD Plan will pay you a specified percentage of the OAD benefit, based on the plan’s schedule of benefits (below). The loss must occur within 365 days of the date of the accident.  

For loss of ...
Percentage of the OAD benefit amount paid is ...
Both hands or both feet
Sight in both eyes
One hand and one foot
One hand or one foot AND sight in one eye
Speech and hearing in both ears
One hand or foot
Sight in one eye
Hearing in both ears
Thumb and index finger of the same hand
For the following conditions ...
Quadriplegia (total paralysis of both upper and both lower limbs)
Paraplegia (total paralysis of both upper limbs or both lower limbs)
Hemiplegia (total paralysis of the upper and lower limbs on one side of the body)
Coma, if it occurs within 31 days from the date of the accident and continues beyond the 31-day waiting period
1% of the OAD benefit payable monthly for up to 11 months (beginning in the second month of the coma)*
Coma continuing beyond 12 months

* If the coma continues beyond 12 months, the full OAD benefit is paid, subject to the $1.5 million maximum. The coma benefit beyond 12 months is not reduced by the monthly payments made during the previous 11 months of the coma; however, it is reduced by any payments that may have been made for dismemberment, loss of sight or loss of hearing. 

Loss of:

  • Hand or foot means complete severance through or above the wrist or ankle joint.
  • Sight means the total, permanent loss of all vision in one eye that is irrecoverable by natural, surgical or artificial means.
  • Speech means total and permanent loss of audible communication that is irrecoverable by natural, surgical or artificial means.
  • Hearing means total and permanent loss of ability to hear any sound in both ears that is irrecoverable by natural, surgical or artificial means.
  • A thumb and index finger of the same hand or four fingers of the same hand means complete severance through or above the joints between the fingers and the hand, of the same hand.
Paralysis means the total loss of use of a limb. A physician must determine the loss of use to be complete and irreversible.

Coma means a profound state of unconsciousness which resulted directly, or independently from all other causes, from a covered accident, and from which you are not likely to be aroused through powerful stimulation. Coma does not mean any state of unconsciousness intentionally induced during the course of treatment of a covered injury unless the state of unconsciousness results from the administration of anesthesia in preparation for surgical treatment of the covered accident.

If you suffer more than one covered loss as the result of the same accident, the OAD Plan will pay at the highest applicable benefit level. For example, if you were to lose sight in one eye (50% benefit level) and the thumb and index finger on one hand (25% benefit level) in the same accident, the OAD Plan would pay at the 50% benefit level.

The OAD Plan will pay benefits if you suffer a covered loss that results directly, or independently of all other causes, from a covered accident that occurs during war or acts of war worldwide, except for:

  • Afghanistan.
  • Bosnia Herzegovina.
  • Israel.
  • Kosovo.
  • Lebanon.
  • Libya.
  • Macedonia.
  • Pakistan.
  • Turkmenistan.
  • Uzbekistan.
  • Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro).
  • The United States (including its territories and possessions).
  • Any nation of which you are a citizen or a permanent resident.


Publication date: April 2018


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