Bright Horizons Back-Up Care

Bright Horizons Back-Up Care provides quality temporary care when you need to be at work and your regular child or adult/elder care arrangements are unavailable. You can use the program in the case of unexpected illness or injury, school vacations/closures or other emergency situations.

The program gives you access to a national network of quality, licensed dependent care providers. Bright Horizons has more than 2,000 child care centers in its network, and they partner with more than 1,500 contracted in-home care and nanny agencies. The program includes center-based child care, in-home child care, in-home mildly ill child care and in-home adult/elder care.

Employees are eligible for 15 days of back-up care per calendar year. You will pay a copayment each time you use the service:

  • Center-based child care: $25/child/visit; $40 family maximum.
  • In-home care (child care or adult/elder care): $6/hour, with a 4-hour minimum (up to three dependents).

You have to register in order to use back-up care. Register online at (Username: Bpcare / Password: care4you) or call 24/7 1-877-BH-CARES (1-877-242-2737). There is no fee to register. Once registered, you can reserve care one month in advance and up to the day care is needed. Center-based care may require additional paperwork after you register online or by phone.

If you make a care request and need to cancel, you must cancel by 5:00 p.m. (your local time) on the business day prior to the day of care. If you do not cancel on time, it will count as a use and you will be charged the copayment.

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Review the Bright Horizons Fact Sheet for information about your benefits.

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