Life events

Understanding the impact to your benefit programs of changes in life circumstances
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Life is constantly changing. And, sometimes these changes mean you may need to rethink, and more than likely, make updates to your current elections in the BP benefit plans. When one of these eligible life-changing events occurs, BP lets you make certain changes to your current benefit elections without waiting for the next annual election period (typically held each February for benefits effective in April).

This Life Events Guide provides a summary of eligible life events and the changes you may make to each of your BP benefits. If you have specific questions about a personal situation or eligible changes, contact the BP Benefits Center by calling 1-800-890-4100.

Note: To help you understand how life events may impact your benefits, examples have been included in this section. However, eligibility for plan benefits (be it retirement, medical or the other benefits listed here) is based on the terms of the particular plans, and a benefit being listed under the Life events tab does not mean that you are eligible for that particular benefit. For plan eligibility questions, please refer to the Benefits Handbook.

Family Changes Career Transitions Other Changes You Take a Leave of Absence*


* Applies to actively employed employees only.

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