Leaves of absence

Information on the various forms of leaves of absence
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Types of leave

Sometimes life requires you to take care of pressing personal, family, educational, medical and/or civic needs or obligations. BP may grant leaves of absence to help you during these times. The leaves are typically for one pay period, or two weeks or more, depending on your circumstances, and generally require your supervisor's approval. For the most part, the leaves are unpaid.

Depending on the type of leave you take, you can continue some of your BP health and protection benefits during the leave. Credited service will continue to accrue while you're on any of these leaves, unless you're an intern/co-op on an educational leave.


* See the recently updated policy for certain exceptions, including the following:

  1. The policy provisions will not automatically apply to employees whose employment is governed by a collective bargaining agreement. Any changes to collective bargaining agreements, including changes to leave, are subject to bargaining between BP and the appropriate union.
  2. Given the ongoing divestment of BP Alaska to Hilcorp, BP Alaska employees will continue to be covered under the previous Paid Parental Leave Policy and Paid Adoption/Surrogacy Process Leave Policy, as applicable.
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